Round 3

Round 3 | Warwick| 28th & 29th September, 2019


The third round of the Queensland Road Team Series (QRTS) for 2019 sees teams racing in three stages: Stage 1 Criterium, Stage 2 Team Time Trial, Stage 3 Road Race. 

Boasting of stunning scenery and an agricultural hub, Warwick is the host of the third round of the Queensland Road Team Series for 2019.

On the opening day of the QRTS Round 3, riders will compete in the Stage 1 Hay Bale Criterium, and the Stage 2 Team Time Trial. Saturday Street Sprint which was successfully introduced in the 2018 Series is planned to return. On the second day of QRTS, riders compete in the Stage 3 Yangan Road Race. 

Make a weekend of it!

There’s plenty to do and see in Warwick, from historical sites to art galleries. Be sure to check out the Glengallan Homestead and Southern Downs Steam Railway.

Or perhaps you are looking for something a little more adventurous? Explore the Leslie Dam, see the rock carvings and walk by the water. There are plenty of fantastic trails to hike in the nearby Condamine Gorge.

Race Information:

  • 3 Stages: Criterium, Team Time Trial, Road Race
  • Street Sprint Returns from 2018 Series (confirmation pending)
  • New courses to be revealed

Saturday 28th September, 2019

Queensland Road Team Series riders and teams are welcomed to the third round of the 2019 series with a Criterium and Team Time Trial on the opening day. In the evening, the Street Sprint that was introduced in the 2018 series is set to return, pending confirmation.

8:00 am

Commissaire Meeting

8:30 am

Women’s Criterium Sign-on

8:30 am

Women’s Team Manager Meeting

9:20 am

Master’s Men Team Manager Meeting

9:20 am

Masters Men Criterium Sign-on

9:30 am

Women’s Criterium (45 min + 2 laps)

10:10 am

Men’s Criterium Sign-on

10:10 am

Men’s Team Manager Meeting

10:20 am

Masters Men Criterium (45 min + 2 laps)

11:10 am

Men’s Criterium (45 min + 2 laps)

12:30 pm

Women’s Team Time Trial Sign-on

1:30 pm

Women’s Team Time Trial

12:57 pm

Masters Team Time Trial Sign-on

1:53 pm

Men’s Team Time Trial Sign-on

1:57 pm

Masters Men Team Time Trial

2:53 pm

Men’s Team Time Trial

Stage 1 Hay Bale Criterium

The opening stage of Round 3 sees riders competing over a 914m criterium circuit, a flat and fast course featuring 4 corners.

Start & Finish Location: 27 Guy St, Warwick QLD 4370 (opposite Leslie Park)

  • Women: 50 minutes plus 2 laps
  • Masters Men: 50 minutes plus 2 laps 
  • Men: 50 minutes plus 2 laps

Check out the criterium course here.

Stage 2 Team Time Trial

The second stage of Round 3 sees riders competing in a 34 km Team Time Trial. The Team Time Trial features a rolling 34 km loop where teams will accumulate 266 metres of elevation, with the most significant climb around the 18 km mark.

Start & Finish Location: 102-106 Oxenham St, Warwick QLD 4370

  • Women: 34 km, 1 lap
  • Masters Men: 34 km, 1 lap 
  • Men: 34 km, 1 lap

Check out the team time trial course here.

Sunday 29th September, 2019

7:00 am

Commissaire Meeting

7:00 am

Master’s and Women Road Race Sign-on

7:00 am

Master’s and Women’s Team Manager Meeting

8:00 am

Master’s Men Road Race

8:20 am

Women’s Road Race

10:45 am

Men Road Race Sign-on

10:45 am

Men’s Team Manager Meeting

10:50 am

Master’s Men Road Race Presentation

11:20 am

Women’s Road Race Presentation

11:45 am

Men’s Road Race

3:05 pm

Men’s Road Race Presentation

Stage 3 Yangan Road Race

The final stage of Queensland Road Team Series Round 3, sees the road race starting and finishing from Yangan where riders and supporters can enjoy the country hospitality from the local shops and cafes. This years Road Race produces a new route, with options for dry and wet courses available in the unlikely event of rain.

The Women and Masters Men Teams cover 94 km’s with 843 metres of accumulated elevation, completing two laps of a rolling road race course. Whilst the Men complete a smaller loop on Jingarry-Mt Stuart Road before doing two laps of the course, accumulating 1,115 metres of evelation over their 118 km course.

  • Women: 94 km, 843 m elevation
  • Masters Men: 94 km, 843 m elevation
  • Men: 118 km, 1,115 m elevation 

Women and Masters Road Race Course:

Check out the Women and Masters Road Race here.

Men Road Race Course: 

Check out the Men’s Road Race here.


Looking for Round 3 Accomodation for your team? There is affordable accomodation available at Scots PGC College, Warwick.

Find accomodation information here. 

Team Manager and Rider Guide