Round 2

Round 2 | Warwick | 6th & 7th October, 2018


Boasting of stunning scenery and an agricultural hub, Warwick is the host of the second round of the Queensland Road Team Series for 2018.

The weekend of racing will consist of the Prologue and Criterium on Saturday, and Road Race on Sunday.

Make a weekend of it!

There’s plenty to do and see in Warwick, from historical sites to art galleries. Be sure to check out the Glengallan Homestead and Southern Downs Steam Railway.

Or perhaps you are looking for something a little more adventurous? Explore the Leslie Dam, see the rock carvings and walk by the water. There are plenty of fantastic trails to hike in the nearby Condamine Gorge.

Race Information:

On Saturday Elite Men, Masters Men, and Women compete in a Prologue and a Criterium.


Safety Meeting & Commissaire’s Meeting

9:00 am

Women’s Sign On

9:00 am

Women’s Team Managers Meeting

9:30 am

Women’s Prologue

10:01 am – est. 10:51 am

Master Men’s Sign On

9:45 am

Master Men’s Team Managers Meeting

10:15 am

Master Men’s Prologue

10:45 am – est. 11:56 am

Elite Men’s Sign On

10:50 am

Elite Men’s Team Managers Meeting

11:20 am

Elite Men’s Prologue

11:50 am – est. 1:00 pm

Women’s Sign On

12:30 pm

Commissaires Meeting

1:00 pm

Women’s Criterium

1:30 pm – est. 2:25 pm

Master Men’s Sign On

1:35 pm

Master Men’s Criterium

2:25 pm – est. 3:20 pm

Elite Men’s Sign On

2:30 pm

                Elite Men’s Criterium                  3:20 pm – est. 4:25 pm
Street Sprint                                 5:30 pm
All Presentations

6:45 pm


Based at Leslie Park in Warwick, Round 2 of QRTS kicks off with a 7km Prologue. Elite Men’s Teams, Women’s Teams, and Master’s Mens Teams will compete across the same 7km course which is fast and flat. Find the Prologue Course here

Screenshot (82).png

More Prologue route information here.


The Criterium Road Race Course is at Leslie Park in Warwick. Elite Men will race for 1 hour plus 3 laps, Women and Master Men will race for 50 minutes plus 3 laps. Find the Criterium Course here.  

Screenshot (84).png

More Criterium route information here.

Street Sprint:

New to the series this year at the request of the local Council, the QRTS Round 2 presents the Street Sprint. The Street Sprint is a 200m flat, fast CBD based activation stage, which is a moment for teams to display their sprinting talent, and for the township to enjoy some fast, spectator friendly, knockout racing. 

Set on Palmerin Street, the Street Sprint proceeds with knockout heats, semi-finals, and a grand final. 

Each team has the opportunity to nominate two riders, whilst also accruing 10 points for their participation. 

There will be one-minute time gaps between the sprints, and five minutes between categories. 

Team managers must nominate their two rides by Saturday morning at Registration.



Start Time Finish Time

Women Heats – 7 Heats

5:30 pm

5:36 pm

Master Men Heats – 7 Heats

5:40 pm

5:47 pm

Elite Men Heats – 7 Heats

5:52 pm

5:55 pm


6:00 pm

6:15 pm


6:20 pm

6:22 pm

All Saturday Stage Presentations 6:45 pm

Screenshot (86).png

Distance: Approximately 200m 


Commissaires Meeting

7:30 am

Master Men’s Sign On  

7:30 am – 8:20 am

Women’s Sign On

7:40 am – 8:30 am

Master Men’s Team Manager Meeting

8:00 am

Women’s Team Manager Meeting

8:10 am

Master Men’s Road Race

8:30 am – est.10:37 am

Women’s Road Race

8:40 am – est. 10:55 am

Elite Men’s Sign On

10:30 am – 11:20 am

Elite Men’s Team Manager Meeting

11:00 am

Elite Men’s Road Race

11:30 am – est. 2:22 pm

Presentations and Post Race Soiree at Yangan Hotel

4:00 pm

Road Race:

The Round 2 Road Race starts and finishes in Yangan. Elite Men’s, Women’s, and Master Men’s Teams race over the same 40km circuit. Over rolling hills, athletes will accumulate a total elevation of 332m per lap.

The Women’s Teams and Master Men’s Teams compete over 81km’s with 660m’s of climbing.  Find the 40km circuit here.

Women’s and Master Men’s Road Race

Screenshot (87).png

Elite Men’s Road Race 

Elite Men’s Teams will compete over three laps, accumulating 121kms with 996m of climbing.

Screenshot (88).png

More Road Race route information here

Round 2 Pocket Guide


NXsports has again secured accommodation at Scots PGC College in Warwick for QRTS Round 2. With individual rooms as well as shared options for a weekend in Warwick. For more information or to make a booking, contact Nicola at or call on 0478 710 344