Lack of Women’s Sports Broadcasting Creates Controversy

The NSW Swifts faced the Giants in a crucial game when something unexpected happened. Find out what the female audience and players have to say about the current decision of the broadcaster’s channels. Let’s discover the arguments of each part and why it has created so much controversy.

The NSW Swifts were leading the game over the Giants with two goals ahead, and 13 minutes before the time went out, suddenly, the transmission cut off. The Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews showed up declaring in the press conference a state of disaster, replacing the game with the Nacional statement news.

It’s understandable to cut the game to inform the public about essential news, but the subsequent decisions that the broadcaster made were the focal point of the next debate.

Instead of returning to the Live coverage of the Super Netball once the transmission finished, the Channel Nine’s anchor chose to begin the pre-game coverage of an NRL match.

The Low Coverage of Female Sports the Media

NSW Swifts player Helen Housby declared to the Daily Telegraph the “double standard” placed by the media when it comes to female sports coverage. She said that these small decisions demonstrate the priorities of broadcasters and media, which turns into an existing barrier to increase the netball’s– and any other female- sports audience.

Lack of Womens Sports Broadcasting Creates Controversy 1 - Lack of Women’s Sports Broadcasting Creates Controversy

Above all that, the Australian government has recognized the current issue and decided to pay Foxtel for female sports coverage instead of offering free-to-air broadcasters. Netball needs more audiences than a pay-by-subscription channel. Fox sports covers only 2.37% of the female sports competitions on their stories of the homepage.

Nine’s Breaking Deals Since 2016

From 2016 the Super Netball set a deal with Nine, and it was an innovative deal, but the truth is that they have always pushed the female sport to minor channels, placing othersports above them.

Nine also revealedthat despite the deal it will not broadcast the following three rounds of the competition.

Unfortunately, the deal is coming to an end in 2021 and that will make it even harder for Super Netball to get the audience it deserves. Netball fans and players were told that they should be grateful for receiving coverage, but at what cost?

Given the past decisions, for example on cutting the game and not continuing with the transmission again.

Australia female sports have been facing this and many other issues when trying to get more support since neither broadcasters nor media give them the proper coverage. It’s crucial to meet the current situation and do something about it to gain representation at the same level as men’s sports coverage.