Australian Open 2021 – Preparations amidst COVID-19 Pandemic

The Australian Open is a tennis competition that has been part of the Grand Slam since decades ago and attracts millions of fans every year. Families and friends gather to see the big event, but the next year is getting compromised because of the pandemic situation. Let’s check out what the organizers have to say to preserve the game.

For the 2020 Australian Open, there was a threat that it wouldn’t happen because of the smoke of the bushfires, but the tournament turned out to be a success. Unfortunately, the coronavirus pandemic came to delay the tennis tour with an uncertain date.

What Organizers Have to Say About That

Australian Open 2021 Preparations amidst COVID 19 Pandemic 1 - Australian Open 2021 - Preparations amidst COVID-19 Pandemic

However, Craig Tiley, chief executive of Tennis Australia, remains positive.

He is entirely sure about the execution ofthe tennis competition in January of 2021 according to schedule, only with the right measure of social distancing. He said he would probably reduce the scale to avoid crowds, and of course, only fans from Australia or New Zealand.

The organizers said that they were preparing for international players to go under quarantine or maybe just launch the competition without fans in the stadium. The CEO also said that if massive gatheringsis still not allowed by next year, they may have to start the event via broadcast.

Additionally, he claimed thatmost players are not in the same category as the superstars, so they are not in the position to earn a living without the prizes. Craig also said there is uncertainty in general about what is going to happen in the next eight months, and the only way out is to wait.

Australian Covid-19 Situation

Australian Open 2021 Preparations amidst COVID 19 Pandemic 2 - Australian Open 2021 - Preparations amidst COVID-19 Pandemic

Right now, in Australia, there are more than seven thousand Covid-19 cases in the country, while they need to deal with more than 100 causalities. Everybody is fighting against this virus, but for sure, we will be seeing the Australian Open 2021 next January despite the circumstances and with the right measures.

This famous event is one of the most important of tennis competitions and let’s hope things get better soon, so they can continue bringing entertainment and jobs to the staff and players.