Australian Sports Betting – Legality and Favourite Sports to Bet On

Australia is a country that loves sports in all its forms, having a long list of races, competitions, sporting events, and games during the whole year. Every sporting event comes with a sport betting opportunity to gatherbettors from all over.

Learn what forms of betting are legal now and what sports are the favourites to bet on.

The Legality of Sports Betting in Australia

Australia is a country of sports, and sports betting are one of the only types of online gambling that remains legal in the country. Although Australians love to bet on sport, other forms of online gambling such as Blackjack of Poker are strictly prohibited, the same as the concept of in-play sports betting.

Accordion to studies, in Australia, approximately more than 700,000 adults bet on sports in a standard month without including bet races. Now, we will take a closer look at the most popular sports that people love to bet on in Australia.

Australian Rules Football

Australian football has the fame of filling the audience attendance and raising the ranking of the TV over any sport in the country, becoming the most common sport to bet on in the country.  7 of 10 Australians prefer to bet on this game.


The Australian Open is the biggest tennis championship in the country and, of course, the favourite of most sports bettors. From early January, gamblers start to place wagers on the future winner as well as other competitions such as specific matches and a margin of victory.


The NBL season starts in October and extends until March of the next year, which makes it an attractive market for sports betting. Australians love basketball, and they even like to bet on the NBA.


Soccer has become famous over the years, which is why it has increased the number of bettors in this sport. Although Australia loves to bet on the domestic league that starts in October, there are many other international matches to bet on.


Cricket is the most televised sport in Australia that dominates the hearts of sports fans every summer, and it’s the most-watched sport in the country. The International Twenty20 and ICC Cricket World Cup are the most famous sports to bet on.

Moto Racing

There are many moto races inside Australia in the favourite list for sports betting, such as the V8 Supercars, MotoGP and Formula 1. Bets can go from championship winners, top three finishers, or race winners, and this field is still the favourite for bettors form all over the world.

Australia has a hectic schedule when it comes to sports events, meaning that for bettors, there’s a long list of options. You can choose between moto race, horse races, tennis, football, and soccer, among many others. Don’t forget to look at the schedules and start dates to mark on your calendar.

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