The Queensland Road Teams Series (QRTS) is one of Australia’s premier state teams series run from June to October in 2017. After consulting a number of different stakeholders, there are a number of significant changes to the series regulations which will hopefully create a more competitive and inclusive series. See below for the major changes to the 2017 series:

Tours moving to time based general classifications
Each tour will be moving towards having an overall time General Classification compared to previous years which was based on points and placings to determine the winner of the event. From this, there will be time bonuses for KOM/QOM and Sprints, which will bring more exciting racing at all stages.

Change in Series Points
Due to the change to time based general classifications, the overall series points have been changed where they are awarded for tour general classification’s only. There are still sprint and mountain points for the different jersey classifications which hasn’t changed from 2016.

Masters Classification
Based on feedback from stakeholders, the Masters classification is changing to the Masters 40+ classification (riders born in 1977 or before). This is due to the majority of 30-39 aged riders still riding in the Elite category in Queensland.

Individual Riders
In order to bolster the number of riders in the QTRS in the women’s category, we are now allowing individual riders to enter. In the event of a team’s time trial, riders will then be formed as a composite team. Please note individual riders are not permitted for the men’s QRTS.

Click here to download the managers handbook