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About Our Magazine - About Our Magazine

Louis Kay has always been a fan of sports, as he used to play soccer since little, but ever since he suffered an unfortunate accident, he has never been able to practice again. However, his passion for sports has always remained.

Althoughhe now works as a ceramic engineer, he managed to create a family where sports are the main protagonist.

He married Rachel, an active Netball player in Australia, and together had three daughters who have always shown the same passion for sports.

However, he noticed that female sports didn’t receive the coverage it deserves, which is why he decided to create a portal to inform about sports news and give proper recognition to female games as well.

Releasing QRTS

At first, it was a solo project that led him to develop actively into sports news and events, but later, Rachel helped him give the magazine an integral approach. That way, QRTSwas released three years ago with the purpose of updating sports fans about what happens inside the sports field.

Soon enough, it became a magazine that planned to get to everybody by offering articles with a comprehensive approach giving equal coverage to men and female sports. QRTS provides information about sports events, sports news, and reports with individual opinions that will question the general consideration of the media.

Additionally, QRTS provides recommendations about sports betting, the best games to bet on, and general tips for bettors.